Where it all began

We are happy people but have often felt sad following a nice meal or a night out when the drinks we were offered weren’t much fun. We don’t drink alcohol and struggled to find anything exciting or grown-up.

Not big fans of elderflower fizz or kids pop we thought we would have a go at making something which would make us smile!  After a couple of years of development and a lot of hard work we have done just that and we think we’ve created something really special.

We launched quietly in May 2022 and by July we were celebrating our first industry awards.

it is all still very exciting and new and we can’t wait to see what comes next…

Why We Are Different

Our Myth Coconut is the only one on the market and has a flavour profile that just makes people smile and think of holidays and sunshine.
Our Myth Dark Spiced is really versatile and can take the place of any dark spirit in a cocktail. It has a rich and deep flavour which stays with you long after your glass is empty.

Founder Story

Hello, welcome to Myth, my rum inspired alcohol-free spirit for any occasion. I am passionate about sharing my beautiful drinks, without the alcohol, without the fuss, without the hangover, without the guilt, with all the flavour and with friends. I hope you enjoy them, serve them any way you choose and always with a smile.

Love, Colette x