Myth Dark Spiced

Deliciously alcohol-free spiced spirit with sweet molasses and flavoured with fiery ginger and black pepper.

Here’s what the IWSC judges said

“Rum and vanilla on the nose. A liquorice dry and attractive burnt sugar taste.”

Myth Coconut Product

Myth Coconut

Deliciously alcohol-free white cane spirit naturally flavoured with coconut.

Here’s what the IWSC judges said

“Wonderful notes of coconut, peach and caramel, almost akin to Malibu.  The beguiling finish has a beautiful mouthfeel and is a real delight served either neat, or as a great mixer.”

Myth Dark Sour

The latest in our exciting new range of Ready To Drink sundowners!! An amazing blend of our award winning Myth Dark Spiced Cane Spirit with fresh citrus and a classic Rum Sour hit. Drink chilled straight from the can or over ice with friends!


Myth Coconut and Watermelon Margarita

The first in our existing range of Ready to Drink sundowners!! A refreshing blend of our award winning Myth Coconut white cane spirit with fresh watermelon and lime.

Myth Miniature Gift Box (Free Delivery)

Myth Miniatures Gift Box – contains 5cl Myth Coconut White Cane and 5cl Myth Dark Spiced Cane.